Poofy Spiral-Top Hat

Well, this one is still a learning exercise, but it came out better than expected.

I started at the top with a chain loop, then spiraled out (using tunisian YO-Top K-TopKnot Stitch). I did dramatic increases until the edge was wavy, then continued to spiral out until I could do a row of decreases to make it flat again.

This part worked pretty well and made the top part poofy.

I then did the orange ring using the K-TopKnot Stitch and I started doing increases midway through the stripe. This was a mistake, it looks messy to me. Next time, the increases need to go all the way through the stripe (if they’re there at all).

So, the top looks like:

The bar of solid maroon is knit.

I did the bottom part using a honeycomb combo of the 2 earlier tunisian stitches (K-TopKnot and YO-Top K-TopKnot). Once done, the reverse (wrong) side of the stitch combo was more interesting, so I’ve been turning up the bottom of the hat.

Right side:
Right side

Wrong side:
Wrong side

And I almost didn’t get this item posted today
because the husband wanted to take the hat in to show everyone,
because I’d combined Clemson orange with Gamecock garnet
(a strict no-no around here).

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