Combined Knit/Tunisian Hat (again)

I finished another night hat
(in all-cotton Bernat Handicrafter yarn, this time)
and it’s not gorgeous. But then again, it’s a night hat.

I did find this a bit of a success, when it came to combining the techniques.

The most important thing I discovered here
(although no doubt, someone has already discovered it)
is that you can get a fairly clean transition by inserting a knitting needle between the front and back vertical bars, rather than pulling up the forward pass loops on a tunisian hook and transferring them to a knitting needle.

Here you can see the join:
Cap 3
On the bottom you can see the tunisian crochet stitch
with a turquoise return chain just before the changeover.

This is a purled simple stitch (a tunisian purl stitch) with a chain top,
which was supposed to resemble the knitted purl stitch,
but reminds me more of the dancing mops in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Just above it, you can see a couple rows of knitted knit stitch (stockinette).
For a longer tunisian stitch, like a chain-top one,
knitting with the front vertical bars seems to make the whole thing neater.

Sooo, pictures of the night hat:
Cap 1

Cap 2

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