Split Stitches and the Twisted Vee Stitch

I got to thinking about the Vee Stitch while I was finishing off my latest hat. Two things:
1. I should give folks more warning when I take one bar from one stitch
and then use one from its neighbor in the same stitch.
…These are “Split Stitches” and I should be clearer about that.

2. If I want to follow any of the traditional stitches that use the front vertical bar with a Vee Stitch that starts on the same stitch, I need to do the back vertical bar before I do the front one.
…So that stitch became the “Twisted Vee Stitch”.

The net result:
1. I’ve broken out the split stitch foundations to their own table in the Stitch Gallery. And I do apologize to anyone who tried to do the K-TopKnot stitch without moving to a neighbor.

2. I’ve added some twisted vee stitches to the Stitch Gallery. Not surprisingly, they are very similar to the vee stitches, with a slightly different “twist” to them.

So, the Stitch Gallery has gotten bigger and that’s enough for today.

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