Split YO-Top Stitches

Since the YO-topped stitches lean quite a bit, I decided to try locating the YO midstitch. So instead of doing the YO first and combining the stitch loop with it, I made 2 loops during the stitch and combined them.

For example, instead of pulling a loop
through the vertical bar (VFrt) and the easiest horizontal bar (HFrtBar),
I pull a loop through each and then draw a loop through both of their loops.

So there’s a new table in the Stitch Gallery containing 4 of these.

They’re a little fussy to do, but very nice stitches.
They do not lean and the back, while different, is quite presentable. I did those with an I/9 hook; only the Split YO-Top Vee needed something bigger.

These also work nicely as corrugated combos (which lean if any of the stitches lean). And honeycomb combos, as well.

One of these looked kinda familiar, but I’ve no idea where I might have seen it before.

Pic of front of swatch:front

Pic of back:

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