Almost Done with Changes and Oops!

First the “oops”. I was deleting the older versions of my tables, so the ones that I’ve been including in my posts are gone.

Oh well, you can see all the new and improved versions over at the Stitch Gallery.

Anyway, I’ve been adding cool stuff:
* A table of Simple Stitch variants that finally includes the Twisted Simple Stitch (which I hate).

* A table of cool “corrugated” stitch combos that form thick fabric. These are useful for purse bottoms, hat brims and cat mats. They’re formed by alternating rows that each contain a single version of 2 stitches.

* 2 tables of (often very) cool honeycomb stitch combos. They are formed by alternating 2 stitches within a row, so that each stitch of each time is surrounded by the other kind.

I also went back to ARNie’s Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet to compare it with the Stitch Gallery.
Hers is better, obviously (you get what you pay for đŸ˜‰ ).

Her divisions are similar, but are often labeled differently. She calls the net stitches “netting”, she calls the corrugated stitches “horizontal stripes”, and I must have gotten the “honeycomb combos” from her–she calls them the same thing.

She also has a category called “vertical stripes” that I will be calling “rib combos”, whenever I get there.

She has many more honeycomb combos than I ever thought of.
These alone are worth the price of her book.

A few words about what I’m doing here:
I’m a career scientist who is using scientific techniques to study tunisian crochet.

I am trying to expand ARNie’s analysis a bit, but my progress is slow. Mostly I just find myself rediscovering what ARNie and other more experienced folks already know.

The point of this blog is to share the joy I find in exploring tunisian crochet–it’s almost more fun than physics and a whole lot easier.

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