Starting Another Cap

Not sure what kind yet…

I’m using the Vee stitch combo that I’ve been calling the Star Stitch.
It looks promising:
Cap band


Filed under Combo of Tunisian Stitches, Crochet Project

4 responses to “Starting Another Cap

  1. Yes!
    It reminds me of houndstooth.

  2. sheralyn

    hi. I really like this stitch. I don’t seem to see it in the gallery. What should I be looing under?

    • This is in the Stitch Combo Gallery. It is a combination of the Vee Stitch and the YO-Top Stitch (which is just an extended Vee stitch). The Vee and YO-Top Vee can be found in Stitch Gallery 1.

      The Vee stitches use the vertical bars from two (2) neighboring stitches, producing quite a twist to the fabric.

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