More Changes

Yup, I’ve been at it again.

Some changes to the naming conventions,
compatible with no one else (yet… evil cackle):

1. I’ve gotten rid of the “Extended” and “Modified” labels because I find them confusing. The foundations all have unique names and if there’s anything else in the label, then yes… they’ve been modified or extended.

2. Stitches that have been made taller by adding a chain on top are henceforth “Chain-Top” stitches.

3. Stitches that have been made taller with 1 or 2 YOs are henceforth “YO-Top” or “2YO-Top” stitches.

4. I’ve added a category for netting or “Net” stitches that have horizontal airiness because you do YOs between stitches during the forward pass and then treat them as a stitch on the return pass.

The “net stitches” have a nice stretchiness to them, making them more like knit work… they deserve their own category.

5. I’ve characterized “purling” (holding the yarn in front of the work to create front bars) as a modification.

So this makes the traditional “purl stitch” a “purled simple stitch”, although I’ll be sticking with the old name.

I’ve also added some Chain Top stitches that weren’t there before.
It’s interesting to see how the different foundations respond to being extended.

This is enough for today.

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