Studying Knit Stitch Variations

I’ve been looking into the knit stitch and other sorta similar stitches.

This has proven very interesting and triggered yet another reorganization of my Stitch Gallery.

I’ve decided to adopt the Gallery listings to fit the structure that ARNie sets out in her Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet.

Unfortunately, this very valuable work is difficult to get hold of.
Please see: for details.

So, I’ll be organizing my tables in terms of the “foundations” and ways of modifying them.

Embarrassingly, I’m finding that the Vee foundation is even tighter than the Knit foundation that I’ve been hating on.

I was also surprised when I looked at the Twisted Knit foundation carefully.
It’s actually looser and less twisted looking than the Knit stitch.

You can see that I’ve included the Full (aka Gobelin) stitch among the Knit Variants. It turns out to be the loosest one, although not the least twisted.

You can see how they vary in the table photos, which were all taken of the same cotton yarn sampler that was made with my massive new “L” (8.0 mm) hook.

I’ve also been looking at modifications of these guys and the results of that will follow later (along with further revision of the Stitch Gallery).

So I’ve been busy and I’ll be telling you more about it.

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