Finally Finished Wrap


I did the edge in tunisian crochet and it curled because I used too small a hook, but I’m not psyched to do that part again.

Small (blurry) natural light picture:

Larger flash picture:
wrap 2

Incidentally, it’s a lovely lap blanket, but not a good wrap.
All those holes make it drafty.


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4 responses to “Finally Finished Wrap

  1. Thanks!
    It’s proving very popular with the cats. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

  2. Dar

    Wow it’s beautiful! How long did it take you to make? Didn’t you just lay it out a few weeks ago?

  3. This took FOREVER!
    I made all the squares a long time ago, before I’d discovered tunisian crochet.

    And it probably took a lot longer than it needed to, since I did this project at the husband’s suggestion and was tired of it long before I finished the squares.

    If anyone ever gives you an afghan as a present, they love you A LOT.

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