Night Cap Band

I’m using variations on the vee stitch to create a band for the husband’s next night cap. It’s in the blue Berroco Comfort yarn, next to the swatch I used to test the stitch combo.

I’m pretty blissed about it. This kinda thing is exactly what I wanted to be able to do, when I took up tunisian crochet.


Filed under Combo of Tunisian Stitches, Crochet Project

2 responses to “Night Cap Band

  1. Dar

    Turtle – very cool, I can hardly wait to see the finished project. Love the purple wool.

  2. It’s getting there slowly. The rest of the cap is knit and will have lacy stripes. …And initially, I chose overly ambitious stitches.

    The yarn is sorta blue (a purplish blue). It’s a machine washable acrylic/nylon called Berroco Comfort.

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