Now It’s the Vee Stitch

And it’s way cool.

Better picture of the stroke (with a huge 7.0 mm hook).
You can see that I’m using the usual vertical bar and then grabbing the vertical bar from behind the next stitch.

The Vee Stitch, made with the huge hook:
vee stitch

The purled version, also made with the huge hook:
purled vee
This is cool and different-looking, but it leans dramatically unless you employ edge trickiness.

The very cool extended (with a single chain) version,
made with a J hook, like all the others that follow:
Extended Vee

The extra YO version:
extra YO

The extra 2-YO version:
extra 2-YO

The Star Stitch (alternating Vee and Extra YO Vee):
I like this one a lot.

Alternating the Vee and the Extra 2-YO Vee (aka Another Nubbie Stitch):
nubbie 2

And alternating the Extended Vee and the Extra 2-YO Vee
(aka the Textured Vee Stitch):
Textured Vee
I really like this one because it does not depend on 2 colors to look cool.

I’m also giving my “k” stitches more logical names. So the Birdtail Stitch is becoming the K-FrtBar Stitch and I could never keep the other 2 straight, so I doubt anyone else could.
k stitches

Yup, been busy shaking things up… life is good!

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