Finishing What I Started (Long Ago)

Yup, that’s what I’m doing. I was excited about exploring new ways of doing tunisian, but I’ve got way too many WIPs going, so…

I had an afghan-in-progress from since before I switched from traditional crochet. I decided to stop making new blocks and make them into something that’ll be useful around our home. So it has become a wrap/lap blanket that will be shaped like this:

I’ve made a bit of progress, so now it looks like this:
wrap 2

I’m also trying to make some small zipper bags for a sale at the church that hosts our Fibre Art Guild. I figured that this was a good opportunity to figure out how to put in stretchy knit linings.

The small one is my prototype and won’t be for sale. The larger one is not that much more expert, but it’ll be my first one for sale. I hope to make at least a couple more.
zip bags


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6 responses to “Finishing What I Started (Long Ago)

  1. I love the wrap idea and I’m so impressed by your zipper bags. I am not much of a sewer, so the fact that you can both line and insert zippers is fabulous to me!

  2. Heh, heh…
    I wouldn’t say for a second that the zippers & linings were well done. In fact, that’s what’s tipping the smaller one past the salable point.

    …But I’ve been using a purse and a zipper bag without linings for 6 months now
    and I gotta admit that linings really are necessary.

  3. Dar

    That wrap around is going to be awesome when it is finished. The bags are really cute! I thnk I may have to take up sewing.

  4. Thanks, Dar

    I like sewing when it’s with a machine,
    but that hand sewing is quite a PITA

  5. Dar

    Hand sewing yuck! I was never good at that. How is the project coming?

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