Inspiration Strikes (Unexpectedly)

No… I’m not going to become a knitter. The knitting thing was supposed to help me choose a new direction in tunisian crochet.

And finally, it has! 🙂

This is a fairly simple knit “cable” pattern from page 107 of the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume 2.
Right side:
right side

“Wrong side”:
(Actually, I kinda like the wrong side better.)

I didn’t like the looks of the pattern picture much, but once I got going on my cotton yarn version, the texture became much deeper… Now it’s clearly a repeating structural pattern. Way cool!

Yup, I’ll be working on doing that in tunisian crochet.

Anyway, this is the (mostly knit) hairband, on.
(Nope, not too impressive as a hairband,
but I’m still really happy with it.)


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4 responses to “Inspiration Strikes (Unexpectedly)

  1. I think it’s lovely and that’s gorgeous yarn!

  2. Thanks!
    I love the colors, but they aren’t too flattering to my skin tone.

    That’s Bernat’s cotton Handicrafter yarn, which may well be discounted at a Joann’s or Hobby Lobby near you.

  3. Dar

    Turtle I am with ya on liking the wrong side too. Lovely yarn, the colours are awesome.

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