Cable Sampler Headband

I like this one!
I think I’ll do a variation on one of the patterns in nicer yarn. Most of these get worn about the house and eventually tossed as I learn to make nicer ones.



Technical details:
I used smaller knitting needles for the last two. I got tired of trying to find more needles every time I wanted to try a new size, so I got a Boye set and am happy.

I’ve been seaming the knitted work, then adding crocheted edges with double-ended tunisian crochet hooks. It took a while to get the gauge matched, but now I am slipping each first stitch while knitting and can eyeball the edges to choose the right hook size. That still leaves me with issues, should I try to switch techniques anywhere but on the edges. Ah well… that’ll wait for another day.


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2 responses to “Cable Sampler Headband

  1. Dar

    I like the pattern. Very cool!

    • Yes, the patterns are lovely! That yarn and my knitting don’t do them justice.

      I got them from the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume 2. (And three cheers to the Richland County Library, for having it available.)

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