Not Destined to Be a Beauty

Below is an ummm… “not beautiful” cable sampler (my very first attempt at using a cable needle to knit cables).

But I did want to point out how much better the one side looks, because it has a tunisian crocheted edge.

You’ll be seeing this item again when I have both sides done (unless I burn it).

Also, I’m still working on the Revised Notation page
and feedback would be most welcome.


Filed under Crochet Project, Knitting

3 responses to “Not Destined to Be a Beauty

  1. Dar

    Turtle it doesn’t always have to be beautiful the first time you try it. I hope you don’t set it alight. I am sure once it is finished it will look beautifulmlike all your other projects!

  2. Chuckling…
    I really doubt this one will ever make it to beautiful.

    …But I should keep it in case I get better,
    so I can feel smug (there are lots & lots of mistakes here).

  3. Dar

    Smug is good! I gave the hub a very cheesy look what I can do grin when I shifted & stopped with prematurely putting my foot down. Keep on going baby, it’s going to be good!

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