Definitely Not a Beauty, But Useful

Yup, it’s done and it’s super comfy!

This would be a nice technique to use to make a lap blanket, afghan or prayer shawl (in more tasteful colors).

Band 1



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4 responses to “Definitely Not a Beauty, But Useful

  1. Dar

    I love the cable pattern! I envy you and wish I could do this. My wrists just can’t take it from all the typing I do at work. I crochetted when I was a kid, but can’t even figure out how to start it anymore, which isn’t a big deal because I can’t anyway, it makes my hands go tingly.

  2. Yes, I have mild nerve damage to my hands and when they get tired, they go tingly.

    I use long (14″) hooks for the tunisian crochet and hold them like a bread knife. I also shift my grip frequently. With these accommodations, I find tunisian crochet much less tiring to the hands than regular crochet or knitting.

  3. Dar

    I’m a transcriptionist and I had repetitive strain injury to the tendons at the base of my thumb & into my wrist. If I do a lot of needle work my wrist swells and hurts like heck, so I decided I couldn’t take the chance of getting a flare-up. I envy your art.

    • Oops, sorry about that!
      You definitely shouldn’t mess with this, then.

      I teach (when I’m working) and investigating tunisian crochet has been keeping some of my professional skills active.

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