Finished Plastic Bag Collector

Yup, it’s done and full of plastic bags to be recycled.


The 2nd picture shows the tunisian bottom in action.

I’m finding that it works best to use a smaller size of knitting needles/larger tunisian hook. That size difference becomes a a pain if I go back to tunisian, at the end.

This item ended at the top, with a tunisian top edge. I bound this off with a couple of chain loops, then ran a traditional half-double crochet edge around the top and loops.

And it was quite a pain to switch from the smaller slick Turbo needles to the larger sticky Croknit hook. Metal hooks are beginning to appeal to me.


Filed under Combo of Tunisian Stitches, Crochet Project, Knitting, Success

4 responses to “Finished Plastic Bag Collector

  1. Dar

    It’s so pretty! I love watching your craft evolve. Awesome!

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