Tuni/Knit Bag

I’ve been under the weather, so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to knit on my latest project–a bag to hold those plastic grocery bags that have been reproducing like crazy around our house.

I made a nice thick, flat bottom from rows of tunisian purl stitch, alternated with rows of my flame stitch (see Stitch Gallery). Fortunately I finished that before I was struck with dreckitude, so it turned out lovely.

I’ve named that combo the Tunisian Corduroy Stitch and added it to the last table in the Stitch Gallery. Well… actually I called it the Cordoroy Stitch because I can’t spell, but that will get fixed eventually. …And it’s the back that looks like corduroy, but this is my website and I’m naming things. 😛

While I was adding to the Stitch Gallery, I did a reorganization and made the pictures bigger again. In the process, I trimmed some of the verbiage–big pictures seem more important.

The knit part of the bag is not so excellent, because I was sick by then.
It’s done with stripes of Irish Moss Stitch and Knit Stitch. …And you are not likely to ever see pictures of the spiral join where I made most of the mistakes. 😛 😛

Anyway, pictures of the unfinished bag:


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