New Scooter Bag is Done!

Ta da!!

On me


I carry it on my scooter, stuffed in a basket.
on scooter

Here’s a close-up of the bag, stuffed in the basket,
and buttoned to keep things from falling out as I ride along.
(The clashing electric blue is my purse, which is inside.)
in basket

Life is good!


Filed under Crochet Project, Success

4 responses to “New Scooter Bag is Done!

  1. Dar

    It is beautiful!!! I really love the colors, you should be so proud of this. I am thinking there could a market for scooter matching bags, seriously you need to go into business. Love it!

    • I love it, too.
      I couldn’t really sell this one, because it took so long to make. I would have to charge several hundred dollars. (I’m thinking I could streamline it a bit into a salable object, but I’m not there yet.)

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