Finished the Tuni/Knit Project

It came out fairly well for a first effort and is quite comfy.

hat band


I’ll need to improve the side edges so that I can do tunisian crochet off of them. This seems to come up every single time I try something new.

And this’ll be the last project I start in acrylic yarn for a while. It’s just too hot to work with at this time of year.


Filed under Crochet Project, Knitting, Success, Tunisian Crochet Stitches

2 responses to “Finished the Tuni/Knit Project

  1. Julie Landry

    I find the side edges to be the most challenging too, which is why I usually end up sc’ing up the sides no matter what technique I’m doing.(even sc!).

    In the long term, it might make more sense to just get better at doing side edges, but so far that hasn’t worked out for me.

    On a different topic.I find that acrylic and other yarns are more comfortable (esp at this time of year) if I don’t cover my face with them. 😉


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