New (Old) Stitches

I’ve been perusing ARNie’s Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet and see that she’s experimented with more stitches than I’ll ever get around to trying.

I was interested in her Back Post (BPTc) Foundation Stitch, so I thought I’d try her “post” stitches on page 39. This was kinda a fiasco, helped not at all by the fact that I’m “instruction-following-impaired”. I never did get the back post stitch and only got the front post stitch by using gi-normous hooks.

Comparing my front post stitch with hers, she probably pulled the loops up above the work as she did the forward row, resulting in even loops that are much bigger than the diameter of the hook. I have trouble just getting the tension even, so I didn’t try that.

Sooo, what I did get…
My Post Stitch (done with an M hook):
Post stitch
This creates a loosely woven, but thick fabric.
It would probably be nice for a jacket or a cat mat.

My Purled Post Stitch (done with a J hook):
Back post stitch
It’s cute, but it leans and it looks like a lot of the 2-ended hook stitches, which don’t.

I also tried these in acrylic to see if that made much difference (I usually use cotton, which doesn’t stretch much). …Nope:

Technical details:
You make both of these by sticking the hook back behind the two (2) vertical bars, then back out front. This way when you pull the loop, it forces both bars forward.

In my notation, this makes the Post Stitch: FPass[DrawLoop(Space,-Space)] / RPass and the Purled Post Stitch: Fpass{YarnFront[DrawLoop(Space,-Space)] / RPass.

I’ve added them to my Stitch Gallery.

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