Cat Mat

One of our older dude cats has been sick, so I’m trying to make him a comfy (and washable) acrylic mat to sleep on. I’m giving it a thick corduroy/striped texture because I’m trying to imitate one of those roll-up mattresses that folks sleep on when they’re camping.

So, the thick part of the stripe is purl/knit/purl rows and the thin part is purl/birdtail/purl. The row order then becomes purl, knit, purl, birdtail, purl, knit, purl, … You can see these stitches in my Stitch Gallery.

Top of mat (which is still in progress):

Bottom of mat:

If the cat likes it, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making at least two (2) of them.


Filed under Combo of Tunisian Stitches, Crochet Project

2 responses to “Cat Mat

  1. Dar

    Sorry to hear your kitty isn’t feeling well. I am sure he will love the little mat you are making him! The colours are gorgeous.

  2. I do hope Mr. Lou likes it (he’s usually the one in the photos, not that they’re easy to tell apart).

    The yarn is Caron’s Simply Soft Paints in “Harlequin”. The colors are quite beautiful!

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