The Teardrop Stitch, Revisited

This is a lovely stitch, but it does lean. In my notation, it’s FPass[DrawLoop(HTopBar), DrawLoop(2 VFrt)] / RPass, which means that on the forward pass, you pull a loop through the top bar of the return chain, then pull a loop through the vertical bars of the same and the next stitch. The return pass is the usual thing.

I did a test hat band with this stitch and a 2-ended hook, keeping the forward passes and the return passes in separate yarns. The result looks like this, when a bit stretched:
I was stretching it so you could see how airy it is, in this shot:
(Which is key, it’s hot & humid here!)

This stitch no longer looks like a teardrop, but it’s really pretty–here’s an unstretched picture (the teardrop stitch is only in the band, the brim is alternating rows of simple stitch and purl stitch):
Hat band

And this is the work-in-progress, so that you can see the hook & the yarns:
in progress

It’s still only a test item, but I’m really pleased with the way it came out.

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One response to “The Teardrop Stitch, Revisited

  1. Valerie

    this is so cool. I love how the colors combine. And the teardrop stitch is very nice.

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