I’ve got several projects going and two (2) of them are definitely adventures.

The 1st is a former going-to-be hat band that I was making with some beautiful 100% linen yarn, combined with some glossy cotton yarn. The linen yarn:
The cotton yarn looks just like thick embroidery thread (which is probably what it is).

This item has evolved into a probable scooter bag.

I think that the linen yarn component will give the bag a nice body and will prevent the bag from stretching out (a big problem with the acrylic yarn that I used).

Picture of the fabric so far:

The other project is my first using 2-ended hooks.

I wanted to be able to always do the return pass using the same color of a 2-color combo. You need to do the forward passes in the opposite direction to pull this off.

At first I was trying to crochet left-handed to go the other way, but this was a miserable failure. Then I realized that I could do both passes with the back of the fabric facing me. The return pass is easy and the forward pass became easy once I remembered the “reverse” stitches (see the 2nd table in the Stitch Gallery).

So, I’m making either a hat band or a hair band, depending on how the brim works out–I’ll be trying to stitch it around, using the 2-ended hooks.

The fabric, when it was half done:

The band after I misguidedly tried to edge it with traditional crochet (which didn’t look good):

So far these are both successful projects,
but I’m pretty sure that there’s still time for me to mess them up.

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