Finally got the purl stitch down

The purl stitch was like the 2nd one I tried (after all, it’s easy in knitting) and I think I’ve just finally mastered it. I’m talking about the one where you hold the yarn in front of the work to create a loop, not one of the reverse stitches

The purl stitch is hard for 2 reasons:
1. It’s hard to get the tension uniform on the loops
2. Generally, the work will expand horizontally after it’s done

Point 2 has gotten me a couple of times and is true with any stitch that forms those sideways loops. But after those fiascos, I was wise and designed around that. Point 1, however, has remained a biggie. If I was good at holding the tension steady, I would probably be knitting.

Anyway, I conquered both challenges on this item. The regions of purl stitch create planned ridges and the tension is even enough that the contrasting yarn looks decorative.

I was also playing with getting neat decreases in the simple stitch. This finally worked, as well.

Navy hat band

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