Purl/Knit Stitch Hatband

I’m trying to warm up to the Knit Stitch, so….
(Edit: on reexamination, I’m warming up to the twisted knit stitch here–that’s why the stitch sticks forward so nicely.)

hatband on


Here I used alternating rows of purl and knit stitch on the brim. This created a very thick fabric that used a lot of yarn. I like the weight of it, but find the look a little hokey. I’m also having trouble doing graceful internal decreases.

I did the ribbing part by alternating 2 purl stitches with 4 knit stitches. This creates a nice effect, I think.

And the bind-off stitch at the top is done with the purl stitch. Normally I prefer the simple stitch, but I do like the way the purl stitch bind-off works here.

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Filed under Crochet Project, Success, Tunisian Crochet Stitches

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