Finishing last WIP (well I was…)

Only one more left! (Work-in-progress)
I had a backlog there, for a while.

This is a set of well-ventilated bags I’ve been making to hold our (small) bulbs of home-grown garlic.
Picture of last one (still in progress):

And here is a close-up of the tunisian stitch that I’ve been using:

In my notation, this is:
FPass[YO(2), Skip, DrawGather(2)] / RPass[Skip, GatherL(1)]
This leaves one of the yarn-overs on the hook, to be skipped as you do the return pass.

Once you get the hang of it, this stitch creates a bag surprisingly quickly, even with the small (H) hook that I’ve been using. (I find it easier to do the extra YO stitches and those that contain chains with a smaller hook, since I pull them tightish anyway.)

I also started up another TAL over at Ravelry, which quickly got completely derailed.

It was supposed to be a pot holder, but once I got underway I realized that the Red Heart Eco-Cotton yarn I was using was 30% acrylic. Then I fell in love with the stitch pattern I was using, which wasn’t the one that I intended:
not pot holder
So, I’ve got a new WIP with a beautiful texture and I’m not sure what it’s going to be. I think it’s probably time to make another zipper bag.

In other news, I attended my first local Fibre Arts Guild meeting and was totally thrilled by it!
It was sooo cool to meet real fiber artists and see their beautiful work. 😀

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