I have a new toy…

I’ve gotten a support clamp for my camera so that I can clamp it on a chair to take better pictures. Before I was trying to hold the camera with my shaky old hands. (Youth is soooo wasted on the young.)

So, I’ve updated the Stitch Notation page with better pictures.
I think you’ll find them easier to follow. You might want to peek over there and see.

I’m still working out my new notation. I’ll be adding “functions” to the strokes instead of just relying on a string of letters. YO may stay “yarn over”, but generally I’ll be making the functions a bit longer than that.
…Anyway, that’s the plan.

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One response to “I have a new toy…

  1. Dar

    I agree youth is wasted on the young. Its funny the little things that make us happy. Happy picture taking! Geez I sure wish I could crochet again.

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