Another project

I’ve started up another major project and it’s looking promising enough that I think I’ll admit to it. It’s supposed to be a sleeveless sweater, either a shirt or a closed vest. At least that’s the plan…

I’m making up the pattern as I go along, so I started with a sample:

The new stitch is just the Honeycomb Stitch, which I’ve seen used in patterns. It just alternates the purl stitch with the simple stitch. I’ve stuck it on to the end of the “lacy” stitch table in the Stitch Gallery.

Working with the sample, I did some calculations and developed a plan. And as I worked, the plan changed several times, often accompanied by considerable unraveling of yarn.

At this point, I’m happy enough that I don’t think I’ll be unraveling it back to the beginning again.

So, interim progress:
My biggest concern now is how incredibly much yarn this item is taking, compared with the headbands.

I’m also working on major changes in my stitch notation. This will mean major changes to the Stitch Notation page and to my Stitch Gallery entries. But maybe not soon–I don’t want to do it more than once!


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3 responses to “Another project

  1. Dar

    I so envy you being able to make up patterns and to do this! Wow! I tried sewing once and and it was a disaster it seems I am pattern challenged. So I admire those who can crochet and those who can sew. I can hardly wait to see your finished project.

    • Heh, this could yet be another disaster. So far the projects all start out looking very promising and go downhill from there.

      I’ve gotten a lovely book just in the knick of time. It’s “Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the Ease of Crocheting”, by Sharon Silverman.

      I’ll be raiding that for finishing details (the neck and the arm holes).

  2. Dar

    Sounds like my projects, I envision them and can see how to do it, but when it comes to the execution there is usually a problem. I am however a wicked diva with a glue gun, man if I could glue gun thins together I would have the most amazing wardrobe. Keep me posted on your progress.

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