Success–green hat/hairband

Finally! A hairband/open-top hat that looks woven, only better!

I used mostly my favorite, woven-looking Birdtail stitch (B/acy)
and added the Extra YO part for the lime green center band in the pattern and to stabilize the edges. You can see the Extra YO part in purplish-gray below:
Birdtail stitch

This new stitch is handy because it bends the material back convex, like the purl stitch. Thus, you can use it to start and end the fabric with less curl to those edges. You can see this at work in the fabric, too:

The photo below illustrates how useful the Extra YO stitch was in making this particular item.
You can see this stitch at the bottom right edge of the fabric. This is where I used it in the foundation row, instead of my usual couple of rows of purl stitch.

You can also see it at the top of the combined fabrics. This is where I tied the brim off. The new stitch does a good job of keeping the brim from curling without rows of purl stitch.

And finally, you can see it where I’ve joined the two fabrics together. I’ve picked up the side edge of the fabric (from the first photo) with a lime row of the Extra YO stitch.

The net result, showing all joins:
and on:

Okay, I’m happy.
…I’m off to gloat for a while.


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2 responses to “Success–green hat/hairband

  1. Dar

    Wow that is so cool! I used to crochet years ago, but gave up because it was too hard on my typist wrists. I like your blog too!

    • Thanks, Island Diva!

      Actually, I find the long tunisian hooks (see the Purpose & Tools page) are easier on the wrists because you can shift your grip.

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