Struggling with tunisian double crochet

Or perhaps it’s tunisian triple crochet…

Anyway, I started with an interest in conventional half double crochet, which I often use to finish off my pieces. I thought that maybe I could use a similar stitch to in the foundation row and to tie off the last row. And actually, I can. I’ve done a project that proves it.

I’ll be talking about that another day, once I’ve managed to complete this post.

So, I’ve made an analog of the half double stitch by doing a yarn-over on the hook, pulling up a loop using the convention stroke for the simple stitch (or whatever), then doing a yarn-over and pulling the loop through the two just made. This leaves only one loop on the hook for the stitch.

I’ve illustrated this and tried to come up with notation for it in the last Stitch Gallery table, which is copied here:
It’s stumpier at the top than the half double, but way longer overall. I decided to call it the Extra YO (YO=yarn over) Stitch.

(As always, please feel welcome to comment, if it already has a name.)

This doesn’t at all look like woven work, so it’s straining my notation. …So those table entries may change. Anyway, you’ll be seeing more pictures of that stitch once I get to the project post.

As you can see from the table, I’ve also been working on a set of stitches that I call the Extra 2-YO stitches.

For this one, I do 2 yarn-overs, then pull up a loop using a conventional stroke, then pull through 2 loops, then pull through a final 2 loops, leaving 1 loop on the hook. You can see the result in the rest of the table. I’m not sure whether those resemble double crochet or a triple crochet.

These look like pretty useful stitches for making an airy fabric, like you would make with double crochet. Below is a sample swatch for the first one (the Extra 2-YO Simple stitch), both the front and the back:
Front Back
It looks pretty decent from both sides. You can also see how I used that technique on the foundation row, instead of starting with my usual rows of purl or extended simple stitch.

Below is the rest of the sample, which I did in Extra 2-YO Arrow stitch:
You can also see how I’ve used this stitch to tie off the last row.

I don’t expect to do any projects with these last 2 stitches soon, since I’m still working to imitate the look of woven fabric. …But they do seem kinda promising.


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2 responses to “Struggling with tunisian double crochet

  1. I think I’m going to have to study your stitch notation in a bit more detail. All these letters are starting to get me confused. I would like to see more projects for Tunisian though.

    • Actually, the notation just doesn’t work too well for these latest stitches. It’s confusing me, too.

      Probably I’m going to need to make some changes in the notation and create a translation table.

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