The “purl” stitch

This is confusing…
And I see that ARNie has even taken it on at:

There are two possible purl stitches: one has you holding the yarn in front of the work, the other has you picking up the vertical bars from the back (wrong side) of the piece.

I already had the first one in the Stitch Gallery. And I added a “g” stroke to my Stitch Notation Page to accommodate the second one.

So I crocheted it up for pictures. If you hold the yarn behind the work (B/gy) then this is what you get:
Reverse purl
If you look at the back, you’ll see the old purl stitch, so I’m calling this one the Reverse Purl Stitch.

From the front, you’re bending the horizontal support chain so that you’re looking at the top of it. This means that you need to make the return chain tight to have it look neat.

Theoretically, you should get the reverse of the simple stitch if you do the same thing, but hold your yarn to the front (F/gy in my notation).

Sure enough, the Reverse Simple Stitch:
Reverse simple
However, this makes the stitch pretty nubby in front. This would be a good stitch for carpet mats, but it’s kinda messy for anything else.

So, I’ve added these two (2) to the Stitch Gallery.

Plus for your entertainment… a very silly, well-ventilated hairband:
Holey hairband

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