Finished purse!!

And I’m very thankful. It’s sort of discouraging watching my visions of “the best purse ever” turn into “pretty good for a newbie”.

Anyway, here it is just before I sewed the straps on:
The bottom has improved, but it’s by no means perfect.

I find that the Simple Stitch and the K Stitches all curl with the right side out when you try to make a long skinny strip, unless you throw in other stitches to counter this tendency.

This is really annoying if you’re making headbands, but fairly handy if you’re making straps. All you have to do is pull on them lengthwise and they curl themselves.

This is the finished purse, with straps:
I’ve tried to color-adjust the picture so that it’s accurate, but it’s futile. The blue handles should be more purplish and so should the matching stripes. Meanwhile, all the colors are a bit too intense.

The dang camera is doing some subtle color adjustments to make the “faces” look good and there are no faces there.

Anyway here’s the purse, chock full of my stuff:

I think I’ll be concentrating on easier stuff for a while.

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