Interim progress

Well, things aren’t going that well. So I think I’ll post an interim report before I get frustrated and burn it.

I did get some lovely material made for the purse:

And despite many setbacks, I did get it most of the way to purse-shaped:
Side 1
Side 2

But today, when I tried to put a bottom on it… Argh!!!!

I did very poorly indeed until I finally figured out what stitch markers were for (I’ve just been using them to hold the open loop between sessions).

With help from the markers, I did finally get a bottom on and in the right shape, but…
Markers and bottom

It’s getting further and further away from my vision.

So, I think I’m going to stew on this a while
and maybe take off the bottom & try again.

Or maybe I’ll burn it.
(Later edit: I’ve unraveled the bottom, so the rest is safe from burning.
Well, for today anyway.)

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