Wavy Headband

Now that I’ve figured out a purpose for tilting stitches, I thought I’d try it.

The Arrowhead stitch runs tilted if you do it as B/y(2a)y and square if you do it as B/(2a)yy, so I made a wavy headband, which alternated 4 rows of each. (Well… roughly 4 rows of each.)

The result:
You have to be quite alert during the tilting, B/y(2a)y rows, because adding a yarn-over (doing an increase) first, makes working the edges different for every row.

One of the edges was less regular than the other, so I chose that one for a traditional crocheted shell brim.
Curvy headband
This produced my usual style of headband.
But I’ve posted it upside down, because it’s also a pretty good crown. 🙂


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3 responses to “Wavy Headband

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  2. Well, I am really interested in making contact, can you write to me? I think you have my private email, and you can also reach me through my website. Thanks much! Dora

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