Not my mission, but…

It’s starting to get steamy here in Columbia, SC and as a recently transplanted Northeasterner, I’m not used to it. …So I’m developing an interest in lacy stitches.

I’ve managed to come up with 2 that might look decent.
The first one is an extended simple stitch variation that looks like this:
Arched Shells 1
In one row, you gather 3 vertical bars (“a” threads) together on the return, then chain 3 to make up the difference. In the next row, you do a straight return.

That’s B/ayo\(3L)(3O) for Row A in my notation and B/ayo for Row B. This one is practical for me.

In the other stitch, you do the same thing, only with the purl stitch. That looks like:
Arched Shells 2
That would be F/ay\(3L)(3O) and F/ay in my notation.

It has a lot of potential to look gorgeous, but so far the tension control is a bit beyond me. (If I were good at tension control, I’d be a knitter.)

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to in the rediscovering old stitches category. I’ll be calling them Arched Shell Stitches 1 and 2, unless someone suggests a better name.


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2 responses to “Not my mission, but…

    • Thanks!

      I do my samples with Lily Sugar’n Cream–a midweight cotton yarn. This allows me to take fairly clear pictures of the stitches.

      I expect that these particular stitches would improve in a finer yarn.

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