Definitely better…

Okay… after that last disaster, I’ve been cleaning up my finishing details.

I’ve decided that you can’t just create Tunisian crochet fabric and seam it into useful pieces. You need to put some effort into shaping it.

So in my next hairband, I really concentrated on that.
This is the finished fabric:
This time I’ve made sure that all of the edges are completely presentable.

I also finished off the top part of the band, then started a long row of Tunisian along the bottom of it.
In addition, I worked increases into the two (2) simple stitch rows. I’m sure one can work increases into other stitches, but I didn’t want to try to do too much.

Once I had neat edges on the sides, it became much easier to join them up neatly. So as you can see, the inside looks pretty good.
Back side

This turned out to be fortunate
because once I finished the piece, I found that I wanted to roll the brim.

A few words about the arrowhead stitch…
It runs relatively straight, rather than tilted, if you do the (2a) stroke first (pull a loop through 2 vertical bars), then do the extra yarn-over afterwards. This makes the notation: B/(2a)yy for this stitch.

In hindsight, this makes sense: you pull the extra “a” thread backwards and then you make up for this by adding an extra loop in the forward direction, which sorta cancels out the tilt.

Another thing… this stitch is much easier to do with multiple yarn colors, because it’s hard to see the “a” threads (“vertical” bars) that you add with the extra yarn over.

You can see this below–every other one is hard to see.

So all in all, major progress this time.

Later edit:
Hee, hee… there is nothing new in the under the sun

Please see the first figure on this page of the Dictionary of Needlework:;size=100;id=mdp.39015011963256;page=root;seq=52;num=130

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