Thank you, ARNie!

ARNie was kind enough to comment on some of my posts and pages. This provided me with a lot of inspiration.

Following her suggestion, I tried a teardrop stitch where the extra loops are added by just doing yarn-overs on the forward pass. This is B/y(2a)y in my notation and I’ve called it the Arrowhead stitch:
Arrowhead stitches
I added all the yarn-overs on the same side for the more tilted portion at the bottom. …Then I alternated sides with each row for the less tilted portion above it.

The second technique produced a lovely fabric suitable for a purse or hat, I think. However, keeping the edges neat required about 4 different stitch variations as I started and ended each forward pass.

Also thanks to ARNie, I felt challenged to try and do a stitch that involved the “f” thread, which is the back one on the horizontal bar. (I realized that I’d already used the more difficult “b” thread in the Orchid stitch, so this was the only one left.)

Using “f” proved easier than expected, since the horizontal threads usually tilt back during the forward pass, making “f” just the lower thread on the horizontal bar.

I’m calling the resulting stitch the “k” stitch (B/afy) and I like it a lot because it’s the flattest one I’ve tried yet and I’m still trying to mimic woven material.

The front and back of the “k” stitch:
k stitch Back of k stitch
This one can be done as a one-stroke stitch, but I’ve added it to the Stitch Gallery as a multiple stroke stitch because it’s challenging.

Rows of the k stitch also combine nicely with rows of the simple stitch to form what I’m calling the Victory stitch (because it kinda looks like someone holding up 2 fingers in the victory or peace sign).

The victory stitch looks like this from the front and the back (in back, the pink rows are the k stitch, the yellow rows are the simple stitch).
Victory stitch
Back of victory stitch

I find the victory stitch very cool
and have started up a project in it.

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