More pink

I’ve been busy.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I should have known how to make a straight teardrop stitch, all along. I think I saw it somewhere, described as the “arrow” stitch (so that’s what I’m calling it).
Arrow stitch
It’s just a simple stitch alternated with a backward stroke simple stitch (B/ay, B/(-a)y, B/ay, …).

Along the way I uncovered a straighter but still tilted stitch that I’m calling the “lambda” stitch.
Lambda stitch
In my notation, this one is: B/cy(m)\F/(2a)y\, where you hold the yarn in front of the work during the second stroke to create the bar at the top of the capital lambda.

I don’t currently see much use for this stitch, but I’ve recorded it in the Stitch Gallery anyway.

I also uncovered a cool third stitch that’s becoming another headband. I’ll be posting on that when I’m done.

And I’ve tried to make the Stitch Notation page clearer.

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