Too Pink!

I’m not a big fan of pink, but let’s consider the progress anyway…

The new stitch, which I’m calling the Dry Teardrop stitch:
Dry teardrop stitch

So this will get added to the Stitch Gallery soon,
when I rename the Flat Simple stitch as the Bird Tail stitch.
(Should anyone reading this know better names,
please do use the comment feature to say so.)

A sample of rows of the dry teardrop stitch {B/cy(-m)(2a)y} sewn into a headband with rows of the bird tail stitch {B/acy}.
Pink headband detail

Since the 2 patterns require color changes on the opposite sides of the piece, I also had to work out how to carry a color to the other side (inconspicuously).

The biggest success here: I’m definitely beginning to rethink the way I’ve been fussing about the tilt on some of these stitches. Properly used, the tilt could be a nice design element. Below, the still in-progress headband demonstrates this.
Pink headband

So all in all, a successful thing (in spite of the color and a couple of conspicuous errors). 🙂

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