How to do the “Teardrop Stitch”

I’ve done a major edit here on 7-9-11 to revise the notation and make these instructions clearer. (Y’know, they made no sense at all before.)

Starting up:
Step 1
I’ve started the piece with purl stitch, which is FPass{YarnFront[DrawLoop(VFrt)]} / RPass. Then I’ve done a row of simple stitch, which is FPass[DrawLoop(VFrt)] / RPass.
I also put simple stitch at the ends.

Now I’m ready to start the first teardrop stitch, which is FPass[DrawLoop(HTopBar),DrawLoop(2VFrt)] / RPass in my notation.

Step 5
The light pink arrows show how I’m going to pull a loop through the horizontal thread at the top of the bar. Thats the DrawLoop(HTopBar) part.

After that, I execute the darker arrows by sticking the hook under 2 of the vertical bars and pulling a loop through there. That’s the DrawLoop(2VFrt) part.

Once I reach the end of the row, I do the standard return pass (RPass).

So here’s what it looks like after doing the first part:
Step 2

And here’s what it looks like after doing the second part:
Step 3

Then you start up the next stitch and after the first part:
Step 4

Once you’ve finished the row, it looks like:
Step 5
The light and dark arrows show the hook strokes for one of the teardrop stitches to come.

And this is what it looks like when you are midway through a later row of teardrop stitches:
Step 6

And I’ve finished it off after a few rows to show the problems
that quickly develop at the edges and with tilted work:
Step 7
Please notice that it’s only the teardrop rows that have a problem.

I’ve been playing around with combining teardrop columns in other stitches to try to calm things down (and because this is my goal, anyway).

I’m finding that the teardrop stitches pretty quickly start tilting off at an angle themselves, once their edges are constrained.

If you look carefully, you’ll see that there are 2 columns of teardrops here and that they’ve already started tilting by the second row.
Columns of stitches


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7 responses to “How to do the “Teardrop Stitch”

  1. Janelle Dunn

    That is so neat, thanks for sharing a tutorial

  2. Maria V.

    Thank you for this tutorial. I’m learning tunisian crochet and I love the look of this stitch.

  3. Sara Reynolds

    I like your tutorial, I have tried this stitch and did not get same problem.

  4. Marlene

    I think I see why it tilts. Follow the stitch on the left side. It should go back and forth. Sort of like left right left right. You are missing the left and only have the right. Boy, is this hard to explain! I now have great respect for those who put out these directions. Great stitch by the way. I will definitely give this a try.

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