Teardrop Stitch zipper bag

Yup, it’s implemented and that was a pain!

Just coming up with a new stitch is only ~1/4 of the work. Then you have to figure out how to create reasonably neat side edges. …Then you have to figure out how to keep the material from slanting into a trapezoidal shape. …Then you need to work on neatening up the edges again.

So now I know–those ladies are just amazing (!), to manage to sell Tunisian crochet patterns that are within the reach of newbies.

The material for the bag, before I seamed & zippered it:
Zipper Bag Material
As you can see, it’s nothing like perfect. That was my 5th go-round, so I was starting to tire of the project.

You can also see the purl stitch that I threw in, which is something of a victory for me. This is the first project that I managed to complete without finishing it in conventional crochet.

These are pictures of the finished item, crammed full of the stuff that I’ve been losing to the bottom of my purse.
Zipper Bag

Zipper Bag, again

Sooooo, I’m counting this one as a success.


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5 responses to “Teardrop Stitch zipper bag

  1. Marny

    Looks more than successful!!! I like the pattern …

  2. nhyaya

    can i get the pattern

  3. I believe that new stitch of yours would be wonderful for weaving!!!

    It would be wonderful if you could share (or sell) the way to do the stitch!

    Good for you on a really good looking finished item.

    • I have a post (How to do the Teardrop Stitch), which I just revised.

      This stitch is a challenge because it “leans” a lot. To get fabric with right angle corners, you need to skip a stitch at one end and add it at the other in every other row (or so).

      Or you can use a large hook so that it’s a loose weave and and do a rectangular piece with a few rows of purl here and there, as I have here. Then it’s just a matter of sewing the sides together and sewing on a zipper.

      In any event, this is probably not a stitch for beginners.

      I suspect that anyone who figures out how to do the stitch and makes a practice sample square, could design their own zipper purse from there.

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