The Stitch Gallery page is in

Yup, I finally figured out how to make tables of stitches that include pictures.  My trick is to set them up in Excel, then snip a picture of it off of my screen.  I’m sure there’s a more sophisticated way, but…

I’ve also worked up another stitch and naturally, it required modifying my Stitch Notation page with a new hook motion.  Anyway, it’s an interesting stitch that looks a lot like machine-made tricot

Color change at beginning of return row: Orchid Stitch

Color change at end of return row: Orchid Stitch, again

I’m calling this the Orchid Stitch.  It’s very similar to the Flat Simple Stitch, but the vertical bar is longer relative to the others and it’s harder to do.

It produces quite a dense stitch even when using a largish hook (see first picture).  This is tough because it’s key to keep the work loose, particularly the chain that makes up the return row.  Pointer:  it’s easier to do this if you hold the base of the loops (with your nonhook hand) as you pull the yarn through them.

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