A study in flattening curl

I had an epiphany–I realized that I wanted to use smaller hooks for a neater effect.  …Unfortunately, the work does tend to curl more when you do that.  The simple stitch, for example, folded back on itself in only 5 rows.

So I set out on a search for stitches that I could do using an I hook and my Red Heart yarn.  Picture of the two of them, together:
Hook & yarn

Discovery #1:  the X Stitch (#63 in 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches) can be used to keep other stitches flat

The X stitch:   X Stitch

With the Simple Stitch:   X & Simple Stitches

With the Knit Stitch:   X & Knit Stitches

I also found that some nice stitches did stay fairly flat (see pictures below).

The Extended Simple Stitch (#7 in the book and B/ayo in my notation):   Extended Simple Stitch
This also looks acceptable from the back:   Back of Extended Simple Stitch

The stitch I’m now calling the Bird Tail Stitch (oops, not actually #100 in the book, but still B/acy in my notation): Flat Simple Stitch
And this one also looks really nice from the back: Back of Flat Simple Stitch

Also, the Twill Stitch is surprisingly flat (which is #84 in book and B/y(2a)y(2L) in my notation):    Twill Stitch

I’ll be doing some massive revision to my pages next.  I need to correct some mistakes that I’ve discovered and I hope to set up a stitch gallery.


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2 responses to “A study in flattening curl

  1. The Curl in Tunisian Crochet is a matter of physics, since you work only from the front of the piece; this creates the Pronounced Ridge on the back of the piece and THAT forces the stitches out of balance from from to back…. thus creating that curl.
    There are numerous ways to combat that curl,

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