Twill Stitch

Since I’m mimicking woven material, I’m very interested in the Stitch #84 in the 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches booklet (see Startup Stuff page).

It turned out that this was NOT an easy stitch.  You need to control the tension with a steady loose grip, it’s not always obvious which are the “a” (vertical bar) threads, and both turns (the beginning & end of the forward row) are a headache.

But eventually I conquered it.  (It helped that I was using multicolored yarn, so I could more easily tell the rows apart.)

Twill stitch

This would be a B/y(2a)y(2L) in my notation.

Incidentally, I’m beginning to understand why I couldn’t find a Tunisian stitch notation on-line.  If I were trying to teach this stitch, my notation wouldn’t help much because there are a lot of other details that are important.  Plus, I can see that I’ll keep needing to expand the notation as I learn new stitches.

However, it does help me keep track of things.  🙂

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