There is joy here in Tuniweaverville!

That darned bag is finally done.  It’s a convertible shopping basket liner/shoulder bag for getting groceries on the scooter.  It contains some mistakes here and there, but it works and looks pretty good.

Shoulder bag


Liner fastened shut

I’ve put a couple of buttons on it so I can jam the basket full of too much stuff, then fasten the bag shut to keep the stuff from falling out.  If it’s still too much, then I pull out the bag and use it as a shoulder bag.  I always end up getting a lot more than I’d planned.

As you can see in the last picture, the strap made with the Tunisian stitch I described last time did indeed roll.  The sides rolled in leaving the good side facing outward.  This actually worked out nicely, so I’ve kept it that way.

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