I’ve added a “Stitch Notation” page

I’m feeling a need to keep records of my experiments and I couldn’t find it on the web, so I’ve probably reinvented the wheel there.

Back stripes

So using my new notation, a purl stitch is F/ay and a simple stitch is B/ay,

making the recipe to get this effect:

  1. Teal: (F/ay), (F/ay), (F/ay), …
  2. Teal: (F/ay), (F/ay), (F/ay), …
  3. Teal: (F/ay), (F/ay), (F/ay), …
  4. Teal: (B/ay), (B/ay), (B/ay), …
  5. Pale: (B/ay), (B/ay), (B/ay), …
  6. Teal: (F/ay), (F/ay), (F/ay), …
  7. Pale: (B/ay), (B/ay), (B/ay), …
  8. Teal: (F/ay), (F/ay), (F/ay), …
  9. Teal: (B/ay), (B/ay), (B/ay), …

And repeat

(And I had to document it while I still remembered it, lol )

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