A bit of progress

I’ve been busy learning some stitches and using them to make a shoulder bag. This has been very enjoyable.

Tunisian crochet is proving trickier and more versatile than I expected. I’m actually liking it more than weaving because you can change the texture so much more when you switch stitches.

I suspect that this will be leading to changes in my goal here and quite soon, too.  (Fortunately, I notice that the blog’s purpose can be easily edited 🙂  )

This is the stitch that I used for the back of the bag.
Back of bag
It is just a combination of the Simple and Purl stitches, with 2 yarns. The Purl stitch pushes the fabric toward you, the Simple stitch pushes it back. So, combining them creates a nice 3-dim aspect.

Originally the stripes were supposed to be horizontal, but then the fabric doesn’t stand up. Instead, it just folds neatly down on itself. …So yeah,  now the stripes are vertical.

Another challenge–I did not realize how much mistakes would show up! This means that I’ll have a lot of freedom to change the stitch to get all sorts of effects, but…

Oh, well.

This is the join between the bottom and the front. These are the same yarns again, but I used flash this time.
Bottom and back of bagThe recycled pale cotton yarn on the bottom  just refused to look good by itself, no matter what stitch I tried.  So I used most of it up to make a tough bottom.

That’s a combo of a knit stitch and an extended knit stitch (extended means that I just added a chain after pulling up the loop). The combo created a flat bottom, so I was satisfied, if not happy.

Naturally, when I turned the bottom fabric over, it looks better from the back side. ….Oh, well.

For the front (see the darker yarn in the last picture), I tried the textured horizontal stripe from Simple and Purl stitches again. Only this time I did blocks of them so that the fabric would be flatter.  But the joins look a bit sloppy, as you can see.  …Needs more work, I think.  Please do pipe up if you have suggestions.

The teal yarn is a “Comfort” nylon/acrylic blend. This is probably another unfortunate yarn choice–I chose both yarns for their color and the fact that they’re easily washed.  I’m still experimenting.

Anyway, I wasn’t too satisfied with my the first 2 yarns, so I switched to a third one for the sides. Once again, my criterion was the same. It’s a Red Heart acrylic with colors I liked.

So, an (unfinished) side:
Side of bag
You’re looking at the extended knit stitch that I was talking about before, only upside down and from the back.  I’m calling it the “Bunny/Carrot stitch”.

(Later edit: actually I decided that that last stitch is really ugly and didn’t use it.)

In any event, the final result is bound to be interesting.

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