Finished a Better Market Bag

This one has design improvements.
Here it is, filled and hanging from a chair

And with the same contents, spread out on the ground
(This would not be a good bag for things that need to be kept upright.)

Looking at the side,
it’s fat on the bottom, but stretches to a better shape when loaded

Looking at the bottom,
the connection to the solider fabric of the bottom is solider

And looking at the top,
I’ve changed the way the stretchy part reduces down to the handle

So this one works better :-D

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A Third Market Bag

This one has an improved and smaller bottom.

I made it square by dropping a stitch at the beginning of the return pass and adding one on at the end.
I also switched to a nicer looking stitch that is drawn through the topknot (of the return pass chain), instead of the front vertical bar.

The progress so far

You can see that I have finished the solid bottom and am creating the lacy part in-the-round, from the edges of the bottom. I have used purple (nylon) twine for the forward pass and red twine for the reverse pass.

It’s going well so far.

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Market Bag, Repurposed

…At least temporarily

I expect to make the next one with a smaller bottom,
so perhaps this one will return to groceries later.

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A Better Market Bag

This turned out well for me,
but not so well as a potential pattern.

I gave it a large, solid bottom in teal yarn
that took a bit long to finish.

Then I added some in-the-round mesh sides,
using silver twine for the forward pass
and teal twine for the return pass.

Next I broke the sides into two (2) flat tapering sides
that terminated in solid fabric straps
all in silver twine.

Here’s the bag from the top and loaded

As you can see, I put a couple of buttons on the strap
so that I could load an open bag
then fasten the straps together to carry it around.

And this is it, hanging on a chair

It seems like it will be useful,
but I have not tried it yet.

I’m still mulling it over, where to go from here.

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Finished Trial Market Bag

Yup, it’s done and in the stitches I posted earlier.

It looks like this
Here, I’ve stuffed it with plastic bags, soon to be recycled.

I’m not really satisfied with the shape or the stretchy acrylic yarn,
but I like the stitches well enough.

I’ve started another one using shiny polyester (or maybe nylon?) twine
I’ve also given up on the cabled hooks and am using a 2-ended metal one.

I find that between the twine and the slippery metal hook,
I need to wrap the yarn the other way (and twist it more)
to keep it from sliding off the hook.

This is slower and annoying, but what are you going to do?

Anyway, the new one is looking lovely in it’s shiny teal twine.

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Open Stitch for Market Bag

Okay, this one looks better, so I’m documenting it.

This is a picture of the stitch when relaxed (well, the top is…
the lower part is the bottom of the bag that I described earlier).

This stitch is quite similar to the bottom during the forward pass,
except that you pull the loop around the chain,
instead of hooking it through the front vertical bar.

The other big difference is
that you chain twice between each stitch of the return pass,
as shown below…

Moving to the forward pass,
start the stitch by doing a “yarn over”

Then hook around the extended return chain

Then chain once through the loop you just pulled

And finish the stitch by pulling a loop though the last stitch
and through the “yarn over”

And that’s it!
It goes pretty quickly, once you’ve got it down.

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Revised Market Bag

Okay, the one I was talking about in the last post was really, really ugly.
I ripped it three (3) times and it kept getting uglier. So… a fresh start.

I’ll be reverse-engineering this drying bag that I made a couple of years ago…
(This cat is developing into a total ham and I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of her.)

So far I’ve done the bottom, which is much larger than I used for the drying bag.

I’ve also used a different stitch, where I do an extended “Extra YO Top” stitch.
I start by doing a yarn over (YO).

Then I draw a loop through VFrtBar (the one we use for simple stitch),
leaving the YO on the hook.

Then I add a chain to the last loop.

Then I finish the stitch by drawing together the last two (2) loops (including the YO).

I also add a couple of chains to the end stitches,

so that they are the same height.
The left side

And the right side

I’m using an eight (8) hook and DK yarn,
so the result is airy and stretchy.
…So that’s it so far.

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