Starting Market Bag Pattern

I looked back at the “Bag Stitch” in my Stitch Gallery 1 and the description is indeed pretty useless. After playing around with it for a while, it looks like I did my 2YO Top stitch (which is described) with some extra chains in the return pass.

I’ll be creating a pattern, rather than updating the Stitch Gallery.
I may or may not charge for the pattern, but in any event, I’ll be describing my progress here. …So the Tunisian stitch explorers among you can probably figure out how to do the pattern from that.

I’m using a slightly shorter (undocumented) stitch for the bottom of of the bag. I start with a chain of 14 and do a spiral of seven (7) increases every time I go around.

I keep track of the increases by increasing every time I get back to the first leg of an increase in the last row.
That looks like this:

And the net effect looks like this:

I’m also creating more of an open web by chaining twice (instead of once) between stitches during the return pass,
as below:

So that’s what’s up so far.
I’m not sure I like the look of the stitch and will probably be swapping it out when I get to the sides of the bag.

And I’ll end with a picture the cat that was “helping” me take these pictures:

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Finished the Sock Pattern!

And you can find it at:

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Switch in Focus

I’m still working on the sock pattern and expect to be posting it soon, but I’ve switched off of socks… And I’ll be knitting chemo hats with my sock yarn stash.

Making them out of Tunisian Crochet would be more fun, but the stretchy light-weight knit hats seem nicer. Perhaps later I’ll do Tunisian brims.

The first one:


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Tunisian Sock Pattern–Planned

Yup, I’m working on one.
It’ll be another Ravelry PDF freebie, when it’s done.

I’ve made up some socks using a couple of light worsted-weight yarns.
I’m using a mercerized cotton for the inside to make the socks cooler (the hot season is starting here) and a pretty acrylic/nylon yarn for the outside.

As you can see, the one on the outside is Berrocco Comfort. The cotton one is probably a Cascade yarn (but I lost the wrapper long ago).

Using worsted-weight yarn produces a nubbie fabric and produces more of an odd-looking slipper, than a sock.
However, it’s really a lot harder to make the socks using lovely sock yarn.

But once you’ve mastered the techniques, then you can use finer yarn and the same pattern to make socks that look like this.

As I write up the pattern, I’ll be posting pointers here.

Pointer #1: how I do the toe on these (toe-up) socks
1. Make a butterfly-shaped piece
2. Attach two (2) corners together
3. Continue on by pulling loops at the edge of the starting row
4. Attach the 2nd set of butterfly corners
5. Continue on, in-the-round, to the rest of the sock
6. After the work is done, seam the open sides of the toe. This isn’t elegant, but it works better for me than trying to hook into the existing sides of the 1st half of the butterfly.

So yup, that’s the plan.


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Yup, this is what I was trying to do

These are definitely socks and they definitely have a woven look to them.




And they even work in sandals:

I’m basking in success at this end :-D


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Plaid Tunisian Socks

Yup it wasn’t easy, but I did it.

flat on side
flat, top and bottom

They are pretty cute on, mainly because I lose some of the stretchiness to the plaid pattern, so they need quite a precise fit.
This picture doesn’t really capture it
…but I didn’t have the patience to do a better one.

The “plaid pattern” is
1. three (3) rows of Simple, Sock, Simple, Sock, Sock, Sock, Sock, & repeat;
2. then a row of Chain-Top Simple (Extended Simple);
3. then a row of Simple;
and repeat the rows.

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Still at it…

I’ve been meaning to post these socks for a while.
I like the way they turned out :-)

I also did some other socks that I don’t like so much, so you won’t be seeing them.
But they did trigger an idea for a plaid fabric, so I did an in-the-round test swatch for this,
which eventually turned into a wrist warmer.
wrist warmer
…And I’ve documented this stitch combo in my Stitch Combo Gallery.

I have started on the plaid socks and they do look promising!
…So perhaps you will be seeing them soon.

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